Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

The true golden thread: from electronic survey to complete history of every asset

A Seamless & Comprehensive Compliance Solution

ComplyTag is your go-to software solution for navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive platform modernises site-check recording & automation. Real-time monitoring & audits as well as detailed reporting helps ensure your organisation adheres to all relevant laws and regulations for your business. With ComplyTAG, you can mitigate risks, avoid penalties, save costs, and focus on growth, knowing that your compliance needs are expertly managed.

Key Benefits:

  • Unified On-Site Field App: Ensure field operatives are completing the appropriate on-site compliance checks.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Reduce errors and ensure precise compliance management.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay updated with 24/7 compliance tracking.
  • Automated Reporting: Simplify your reporting process with our automated tools.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate ComplyTAG with your existing systems.
  • Customisable Solutions: Tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Automate Compliance Processes

  • ComplyTAG helps businesses ensure regulatory compliance through a suite of advanced features designed to simplify and automate the compliance process.

Real Time Monitoring & Reporting

  • A user definable dashboard gives immediate overview of compliance and allows drill down to see the detailed data behind the graphs.
  • The dashboard shows assets status and the next date a check is required. Next inspection dates are set to your exact requirements for each individual asset type.
  • Standard and custom reports in both excel and on screen ensuring regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Insights & Risk Mitigation

  • Detailed reporting tools provide comprehensive insights and documentation, making it easy to demonstrate compliance during inspections, audits and management reporting.
  • By leveraging these capabilities, ComplyTAG mitigates risks, avoids penalties, saves costs, allowing you focus on fixing issues rather than looking for them.

Overcome Major Compliance Challenges:

Compliance managers responsible for the health and safety and conformance of assets face several key challenges. Navigating and staying compliant with ever-changing and complex regulations requires that important tasks are automated to ensure they can focus on the emerging and future needs of the organisation. ComplyTAG, therefore, offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by compliance managers through our leading edge and innovative platform. By leveraging Complytag’s features, compliance managers can overcome their most significant challenges, ensuring a more streamlined, efficient, and effective compliance management process:

Risk Management:

  • Identifying, assessing, and mitigating compliance risks across the organisation: ComplyTAG includes tools for seamlessly collecting and compiling field data, Enabling the ongoing identification and assessment of compliance risks, which allows managers to take proactive measures to raise and mitigate them.

Limited Compliance Resources:

  • Limited resources and budget to effectively manage compliance programs are a common problem: The ComplyTAG app and platform streamlines field operations, compliance checks and documentation processes through automation and efficient workflows. This reduces the need for extensive and repetitive labour and, therefore, lowers costs.

Data Management:

  • Difficulties in handling and analysing large volumes of data for compliance purposes takes up valuable time and introduces human error: ComplyTAG’s app and Centralised Data System offers a centralised means of accessing, storing, and managing vital compliance data. Making it easier to access, analyse, and report on necessary information.

Employee Training & Monitoring:

  • Ensuring all employees are adequately trained and aware of compliance requirements is critical for compliance assurance: Using ComplyTAG means all field compliance activities are monitored, so that employees become well-versed in compliance requirements.

Easily Available Documentation:

  • Maintaining thorough and accurate documentation for audits and regulatory reviews is critical for any organisation: The ComplyTAG platform automates the creation and maintenance of compliance documentation generated via the mobile field app, ensuring that all records are thorough, accurate, accessible and up-to-date.

Cross-Department Coordination:

  • Coordinating compliance efforts across different departments and team is essential for ensuring the necessary tasks are completed:
    With built-in collaboration tools, ComplyTAG easily facilitates seamless coordination between different departments, ensuring a unified approach to compliance.

Technology & Process  Integration:

  • Integrating new compliance technologies with existing systems and processes is vital for adoption and usefulness of the system and data: ComplyTAG seamlessly integrates with existing systems and processes, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the compliance program without any causing disruptions.

Unburdened Compliance Management

  • ComplyTAG provides complete visibility and a root of trust for all field and historical asset checks and associated compliance documentation: Compliance managers can be assured that they have implemented a best in class system that will clearly document checks, highlight any problems and demonstrate the mitigation work undertaken. 

Main Service Elements:


  • A unique QR code tag is attached to each asset.
  • The tags are highly resilient and designed for outdoor and indoor environments

Mobile App

  • To start a job the tag is scanned with the ComplyTAG mobile app this works on all iOS and android devices.
  • A data recording form is then displayed. The forms are highly flexible with edit fields, selection boxes, radio buttons etc. Also you can take unlimited photos to include in the report.
  • When the job is completed who, when,  where and for how long is automatically added. This gives ComplyTAG the ability to answer the most important question in compliance: how do you know the work was actually done.
  • The app is built directly into the ComplyTAG ecosystem meaning paper is eliminated; speeding the process and ensuring a form is never lost
  • Where there are multiple assets of the same type on a site ComplyTAG immediately allows you to see that all have been checked. This means that you never miss an asset so you have complete confidence the building is safe. Additionally you save time by not having to do return visits.

Platform & Database

  • The ComplyTAG app automatically uploads the data to a single searchable database for all types of assets.
  • The system integrates intelligent analysis features tailored to your requirements, enabling thorough assessment of data as soon as it is uploaded instantly flagging any issues. Furthermore, users have the ability to directly report problems in real-time while completing jobs.
  • The data analysis embedded into the system is based on the combined power of yours and industrial leading compliance expertise.
  • There is no waiting for paper forms to be sent in removing the time consuming and error prone  task of scanning them then uploading the data for analysis. Alternatively manual checks are eliminated and 100% data analysis accuracy is ensured.
  • Additionally you can defined automate actions which can be set to take place when a problem is identified.
  • If required ComplyTAG APIs can be used to seamlessly integrate with your existing or external systems.

Reporting & Dashboards

  • A user definable dashboard gives immediate overview of compliance and allows drill down to see the detailed data behind the graphs.
  • The dashboard shows assets status and the next date a check is required. Next inspection dates are set to your exact requirements for each individual asset type.
  • Standard and custom reports in both excel and on screen ensuring regulatory compliance.

We Understand Your Challenges

You currently collect compliance data on paper and are faced with 1000’s of forms to process.

You then analyse the forms manually and type the information into a spreadsheet.


You are faced with scanning the forms then manually emailing them for analysis

Start Working With ComplyTAG

This will give you instant benefits:

Paper is eliminated so there is no need for scanning or time consuming manual analysis and data entry.

Data is available instantly to all stake holders in the format they require and understand.

Use of the mobile app and the online dashboard is available to unlimited users so everyone can enjoy the benefits immediately.